Our team

The people behind our success.

Our Team – Key Members


·         Rod – Managing Director


Passionate about logistics since starting with Carroll’s Transport near Heathrow Airport in 1974, Rod qualified as a Class 1 driver three years later. Subsequently travelling all over Europe and Scandinavia in a variety of Volvos and Scanias, he has plenty of experience at the sharp end of the business. Since the late 1980’s Rod has run a variety of businesses and now sits at the head of a group of companies supplying temporary drivers, training and now, through TBU Logistics, a full service transport company. Responding to key customers requesting “the truck AND the driver” has resulted in us providing long-term logistics services to TNT, Dixons/Currys/Knowhow and Parcelforce. If your company is looking for a long-term partner in the West Country for anything from vans to 44 tonne Artics, then please give us a call on 01752 875 825 or email rod@trustedbyu.com


Below is a picture of the Volvo F88 which Rod lived and worked in for 2 years whilst working for rock band The Who... She usually had a trailer behind her! 


Who Truck


      Connor – Operations Manager


Connor runs the driving side of the business and has been with us since an apprenticeship nearly five years ago. Always a steady pair of hands, he is cool under pressure and will ensure that the job is done properly. Currently in charge of around 150 drivers, he has a team of people dedicated to ensuring our customers are given the best possible service.


      Kerrie – Company Accountant 


Kerrie and her team look after the money in the operation. Mad keen about trucks and transport with many family connections, she has diesel (and petrol) running through her veins. She has even been known to race various vehicles in the past… Don’t try and get past Kerrie! Oh, and just for good measure, she is a qualified accountant too. 


Rupert – Transport Co-ordinator


 Rupert has been part of the team since April 2012 - starting as a driver and recently "coming off the road" to help manage our growing fleet of vehicles and drivers. Always a lovely man to have on a team, Roo is also an ex-paramedic and ambulance driver, so good in a crisis!